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Twist E-Liquid

Twist E-Liquid

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Manufactured and distributed out of Los Angeles, and offered in over 50 countries worldwide, award-winning Twist E-Liquids offers top-of-the-line vapes with flavor profiles ranging from beverages, fruits, and candies, to menthols, salts, and desserts.

Freebase - 60ml - 3mg & 6mg

RRP: $30 - $34.95

Flavour Profiles:

  • Arctic Cool Mint (Mint 0°): Frozen mint leaves and adding icy menthol for an Arctic vape that will refresh the senses and chill the soul. This vape juice will keep you feeling refreshed all day everyday!
  • Berry Medley Lemonade (Purple No. 1): A fusion of ripened blueberries that taste as if they were cultivated and sourced from the best locally-owned farms in Southern California, steeped in freshly squeezed lemonade!
  • Grape Berry Mix (Purple Grape): A carefully crafted blend of plump vine-ripened purple grapes and mixed wildberries, sure to make your mouth water on each inhale!
  • Honeydew Melon Chew (Green No. 1): With layers of flavour that include honeydew melons and juicy cantaloupe, this juice is packed full of surprises, and every inhale will slowly reveal something smooth and exciting. This artfully crafter melon vape flavour is bound to keep your taste buds awed and satisfied!
  • Iced Pink Punch (Pink 0°): Iced Pink Punch expands on the flavour profile of Pink Punch Lemonade, with an icy twist that brings a cool breeze on every exhale. This refreshing fruity yet chilled flavour is sure to become one of your all-time favourites!
  • Pink Punch Lemonade (Pink No. 1): The first flavour introduced by Twist E-Liquids, it quickly became a favourite thanks to it's unique taste blend that perfectly balances hints of sweet and tart to give you a vape flavour you have never experienced. Pink Punch Lemonade is an amazing blend of vape flavours that consists of freshly squeezed lemons combined with a tart red mixed berry flavour that is bound to keep you coming back for more! Tastes just like summertime, and feels like sunshine!
  • Sweet & Sour (Sour Red): When you inhale Sweet & Sour Watermelon, a powerful dose of sour watermelon flavor will make you salivate instantly. On the exhale, candy sugar will deliver sensations of pure happiness to your sweet tooth.
  • Watermelon Madness (Red No. 1): Juicy, savoury watermelon vape juice provides an ultra-smooth experience on each inhale and gives you the feeling life is an endless summer. 
  • Tobacco Gold No. 1: Medium-bodied tobacco flavor is mild yet complex and sweet to provide a satisfying taste.
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