About Us

Welcome to Primed Vape Distro - Your Premium e-Liquid Provider!

At Primed Vape Distro, we're not just enthusiasts, we're dedicated to sharing our passion for exceptional e-liquids with you. We go above and beyond when choosing our range, to ensure you have access to the very best.

Quality Assurance

To make your choices easier, we rigorously test every e-liquid in local retail stores. Only the most popular and sought-after flavors make it to our wholesale selection. This way, you can trust that every bottle is a hit.

Supporting NZ Vape Businesses

We're proud to support New Zealand's thriving vape industry. Our commitment to offering the finest products stems from our belief that you deserve nothing but the best.

Join us at Primed Vape Distro and experience vaping at its finest.

We're primed and ready to elevate your vaping business!